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Curl N’ Shine Curling Lotion (Step 2)

Curl N’ Shine Curling Lotion is a conditioning lotion that creates long lasting strong curls. It makes soft and beautiful curls.


Do not use if there has been any previous reaction to a Cold Wave Perm.

If curling lotion causes scalp irritation, rinse out and consult the physician if necessary.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply Curl N’ Shine Curling Lotion.
  • Use perm rods to folow the parting patterns to cover all the hair, one roller at a time.
  • Saturate or separate each rod with curling lotion covering each strand of hair.
  • Once you have finished let it be in a warm area.
  • After 30 minutes check the ‘S’ curls formation in front, back, and all sides.
  • When satisfied with the ‘S’ curls proced to step 3.

Proceed to step 3