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Curl N’ Shine Neutralizing Shampoo for Cold Wave (Step 3)

Curl N’ Shine Cold Wave Neutralizing Shampoo neutralizes al the chemical used in the process of the Cold Wave Gel.


  • Wrap the forehead to avoid the solution coming into contact with the eyes. After Curling Lotion step 2 is rinsed out.
  • Shake the cold wave neutralizing shampoo and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the neutralizing shampoo on each perm rod. This action will neutralize the chemical. Leave for 15 minutes for both short hair and long hair.
  • Then remove the perm rods and rinse out the Curl N’ Shine Cold Wave Neutraizing Shampoo with luke warm water.
  • Treat the hair.
  • Apply Curl N’ Shine Activator Gel and style as desired.